Kohan Trading Company

Iran’s geographical conditions, abundant agricultural land, extensive land and sea borders with other countries, abundant livestock and poultry breeding centers and … have made it a very good position to export, import and transit agricultural and food products. Livestock and poultry.
In the export debate, given that the neighboring countries of Iran need a lot of feed and poultry, there is always demand. On the other hand, considering Iran’s policy to boost production, turning to exports can be very beneficial for the country. The important thing in this area is to continue the export route, which is to provide high quality freight, transportation methods and how to pay.
The items in the import category are completely different. Products imported into Iran in the field of animal feed and poultry usually contain livestock and micronutrient inputs. Since these products are imported both in government currencies and in free currencies, their final price also depends on a variety of items.
In addition to exports and imports, transit is another service provided by the kohan trading company. The shortage of products and export constraints make it difficult for the neighboring countries to have transit through Iran. In the transit issue, one of the important issues is how to receive and pay money, which the company is trying to facilitate the process of doing business as much as possible.